Wild Hope

Welcome to this new dream of mine: Wild Hope Devotionals! As you engage with these intentional times in the Bible, my heart is that you’ll be encouraged, challenged and ready to lean into the hope that Jesus offers us through His written Words.

There are times it helps to have a companion to our bible study—that’s what this is! I love getting into the Word, but there are seasons and moments where something fresh is desired. Oftentimes its in those same days I need a little hope heaped into my soul. That’s what my prayer is for these devotionals—that they would allow hope to rise in places of your life that have seemed bleak or that simply haven’t had much attention.

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Wild Hope Declaration

As daughters who have fought to know

and stand in their true identity, we will

determine to let our hope run wild

and free! No longer will our expectations

be tethered to past pains or disappointments,

but we will climb mountains, slay dragons, dance

in fields and run toward the promises of God

with reckless abandon. This is our time for

untamed hope!