About Haley

When I was growing up, all I ever wanted to do with my life was move to Hollywood and make it as a famous actress. I didn’t have any other plans for life after high school until it came time to prepare for graduation. I quickly realized I had no money or support to head out West and chase my celebrity dreams. Oops!

During this time of figuring out what was next for my life,  I fell in love with Jesus and jumped into following Him with my whole heart. I came to know that this silly life goal of becoming famous actually did relate to how God originally created me. The idea of fame for myself seems childish now, but I can feel in my bones that the desire to influence others came from God’s breath in my soul! As God continues to fill my heart with goodness, HOPE, love, and truth the more I want to share it with others! I long for others to look up and see God’s love is the only way to get our souls to a place of openness–that space where we feel known, loved and purposed— a place of becoming part of something bigger than ourselves!

the short & sweet: I’m a Jesus-girl, a wife, mom + builder of authentic community.

what makes me come alive: the Bible, wild hope, coffee, young people, the ocean, traveling the world and serving people who are in a place of challenge.

the practical: for more than 12 years, I had the pleasure of volunteering, leading and then pastoring alongside my husband in youth ministry and youth leadership teams. During that same time, working in our church’s outreach department,  I also developed new outreach to those marginalized in my city.  These works included initiating a ministry to girls working in our downtown strip clubs, setting up bi-monthly relational ministry to an inner city apartment complex and building our local food pantry to reach more clients every week. All this means is that I love teams + family, the leading of the Spirit and PEOPLE!

“Remain in me, and I in you. Just as a

branch is unable to produce fruit by itself

unless it remains on the vine, neither

can you unless you remain in Me.”

John 15: 4