Did you know…

that taxes are not due today– the infamous April 15 date?! (well, if you didn’t have them done at what is now 7pm at night–you still have time left!) Here is the amazing reason why–Washington D.C. celebrates Emancipation Day (typically held on April 16, but celebrating it a day early because the 16th is a … More Did you know…

Supernatural + Natural

I was pretty inspired last week after reading John 9:1-41. It was day 61 from “The Essential Jesus” reading plan- found on the youversion.com app. For most people familiar with the Bible, this is a fairly well-known story. A man blind from birth receives his healing from Jesus. Before the healing took place, His (Jesus’) … More Supernatural + Natural

It’s the everyday

One of the neatest women leaders I know (Joy Sommers) recently said, “Living a radical life is allowing your everyday moments to be supernaturally-charged.” I know this is something that God is teaching me at the moment (or for the past 6 months of moments!), so I thought about how this radical, everyday, Holy Spirit-led … More It’s the everyday

Finally here!

Natalie, one of my closest friends, leaves today for her 6 week journey in Mumbai, India!! She’ll be working and serving alongside Vision Rescue, a ministry of Pastor Biju Thampy. This is such an exciting time! We’ve had countless conversations about this God-dream that’s been inside of her. It’s so neat to see the beginning … More Finally here!


When I plopped down at the table to shovel in my spaghetti-o’s, I noticed Tony’s small pocket sized Bible to my left. It was a New King James version which is not usually one that I gravitate towards, but I figured I had some time so I turned to Isaiah 58. Do you ever love … More Soul-Extension

ONE trip…

…could change my life! Now that more things have come together I want to shout it from the rooftops, I’M GOING TO LONDON for COLOUR YOUR WORLD women’s conference!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whew!! Boy, does that feel good! It’s still very awkward for me to speak that. This is such a dream come true. For a few years … More ONE trip…

Pattern Interrupt

A few months back we were chatting it up before the start of our bible study lesson when Abi said she had been experiencing a “pattern interrupt” that day. She was unusually tired that Wednesday night because she had been studying well into the early morning hours. Her normal routine the day before was to … More Pattern Interrupt