On being brave…

Hello, again! It’s been quite some time since I’ve visited this little blog. I’ve had the urge to write out the things within my heart. It may last for a day or a year! Coming off of Bethel Music’s Worship Nights tour last week, I had something rolling in my brain which I’ve been pondering … More On being brave…

how i SHINE pt. 3

Meet Christina! Gosh, that smile will light up any heart! I’ve known Christina for a little over a year and a half, but it feels like I’ve always had her in my life. That’s how she makes others feel- at home 😉 I’ve had the privilege of sitting with her on our hotel balcony watching … More how i SHINE pt. 3

how i SHINE pt. 2

I hope these beautiful girls brighten up your day! Nesley! Oh, Nes! Such a shy, quiet beauty this one. But, I know she’s secretly a fire-cracker inside! Ask her brothers or any of her close friends, they’ll tell you- Nesley has a crazy side! Nesley allows that exotic Indian beauty to shine through her relationships … More how i SHINE pt. 2

LA DreamCenter

Our trip to the LA DreamCenter was just so undeniably a God thing! Starting this post I already know that my words aren’t going to do justice to what I experienced, but I’m giving it a go anyway. I tend to have a bad short term memory, but I want every part of this adventure … More LA DreamCenter

Colour Re-cap

Well, how long have I meant to do this post?! Since the moment I came home from London….almost 3 months ago! I can’t believe I’ve waited this long because this was truly a dream trip. I’ve wanted to attend Colour Conference from the first time I discovered it & the “Sisterhood” behind it. Having just … More Colour Re-cap

Be a Lioness…

As you might know, I’m very drawn to Africa and dream to go there almost every day. So, naturally when I saw the title for Lisa Bevere’s new book Lioness Arising, I was immediately attracted. Then I read the subtitle: Wake Up and Change  Your World. YES! It all resonates within me. But, then I … More Be a Lioness…

World Malaria Day

We have it so good here, don’t we? Thank God our country doesn’t have to fight preventable diseases like malaria. Yet, there are so many brothers and sisters in other countries that do suffer from fighting this awful disease. Unicef’s website reports that an estimated 800,000 people die every year from malaria. 90% of these … More World Malaria Day

He Changes Everything

Hey Friends- HAPPY GOOD FRIDAY!!! and Happy Earth Day! God is on the move throughout our Earth, and I don’t believe it is coincidence that we are celebrating the conservation of our planet/environment as well as honoring the day that Jesus Christ was sown into the Earth after taking on the sins of humanity. Thankfully … More He Changes Everything