how i SHINE pt. 2

I hope these beautiful girls brighten up your day!

Nesley! Oh, Nes! Such a shy, quiet beauty this one. But, I know she’s secretly a fire-cracker inside! Ask her brothers or any of her close friends, they’ll tell you- Nesley has a crazy side! Nesley allows that exotic Indian beauty to shine through her relationships with others. When we discussed how she shines God’s love, I thought it was spot on: speaking value to others. She has dreams of becoming a counselor one day and helping girls/women overcome addiction or life-controlling issues. She will definitely SHINE in that role! Anyone who encounters Nes walks away feeling better about themselves and the world.

Romona is just one of those people who is so sweet. When you meet her, you just wonder if she’s made of sugar. She always brightens the room when she walks into our Bible study meeting. Uplifting in her speech & positive in her outlook on life, these Romona attributes are very contagious! She’s the type of girl that you want a hug from when you’re having a rough day. I love her gentleness and patience in how she communicates the love of the Father to other people!

When Sep told me that her Shine moment would have to do with her love of dancing, I just knew that it was the perfect fit! I actually met Sep a few years back at a youth event called “House Party”. We had invited the dance company she was apart of to do some performing at the event. That night, however, produced a lot more than a good show! There were many young people who responded to the call of following Jesus whole-heartedly. One of those young people was Sep! I was able to connect with her that night & have been thrilled to be apart of her life since. She’s got a smile that will knock you down it’s so gorgeous! Loyalty, beauty, independence, strength: just some of the adjectives that come to mind when looking at the way Sep lives her life towards God and others!

“the ways of right-living people glow with light; the longer they live the brighter they shine.” Proverbs 4:18 MSG


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