this is how i SHINE His Love!

I haven’t been inspired with a personal photo project in QUITE some time. But, over a year or so ago I really got obsessed with the theme of light. Not only because I’m a photographer who needs good light for photos, but really discovering what it means to live in the light of God’s love. The Bible is full of scriptures on light! Since going to Hillsong Colour conference in May I was able to really decipher & be inspired through a teaching developed by Hillsong called “Shine”. Since then, I’ve been trying to discover what it means to radiate & shine the love of God in my life toward others.

A few weeks ago it hit me! Starting with my small group of college girls, we would discuss their giftings, talents, & the way they feel they best show God’s love to others in their everyday lives. Nothing outrageous, just simple acts of shining God’s love into people we encounter day to day: connecting us each back to the purpose the Lord has for us individually!

Hope you enjoy as you meet each one of us & discover how you personally SHINE God’s love to the world!

Jinny can come off quiet, but over the last few years she really allowed God to open her heart with a passion to see Jesus’ name spread to the world! She’s what I like to call a “bringer”- I’ve seen her bring, influence, and connect her friends to what God is doing. She loves music and has just left Augusta to study at Church of the Highlands college of leadership-ministry.

Anyone who knows Abi knows she is a wild child! She is electric in personality, deeply caring for others around her, madly in love with Jesus. Her SHINE moment definitely describes how she reaches her world– through her creativity (a wide range at that! writing, music, drawing, etc) & offering a shoulder to cry on, a listening ear, and a non-judgmental front to anyone

How about me? 😉 Over the last few years, I’ve been trying to define the purpose God has for my life. It’s a tough thing being as indecisive as I am! But something I heard Jon Acuff recently say struck me- “Instead of asking, what am I going to do with my life? Ask, what have I done that I’ve already loved?” For me, this has always been about being around the poor. I love sharing Jesus’ love with people who feel as though the world is hopeless. Whether it’s in the poverty of other nations, in the alley ways of a large US city, or right here in my backyard– I love finding resources for those in need: spiritually & physically.

** for all you iPhone users, the layout of the photos was inspired by my obsession with instagram

“…you’re here to be light, bringing out the God-colors in the world. God is not a secret to be kept. We’re going public with this, as public as a city on a hill.” Matthew 5:14 message translation 


3 thoughts on “this is how i SHINE His Love!

  1. Haley Boo! I LOVE this!!! So creative & purposeful… has me thinking! 🙂
    Love it & Love you! Not only your crazy amazing personality – but your way of searching, daily to do more and more for His Kingdom in any way you know how. Such an inspiration (& I don’t say that lightly… you truly are)… in my head you line up right there with all the “world changers” you look up to here @ Hillsong. When they speak or encourage/ “shine”.. I see Haley Lamb up there with her big personality and expressing herself in the truest form to help others flourish!

    ALL that to say … Your amazing & love this concept!

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