Colour Re-cap

Well, how long have I meant to do this post?! Since the moment I came home from London….almost 3 months ago! I can’t believe I’ve waited this long because this was truly a dream trip. I’ve wanted to attend Colour Conference from the first time I discovered it & the “Sisterhood” behind it. Having just gotten home from Los Angeles, I knew I couldn’t share that trip without first posting on all things C-O-L-O-U-R.

I made the journey there and back by myself (traveling abroad alone was a first for me!), but the coolest part of the trip was re-uniting with my friend Natalie who had just completed a six-week stay in India working with Vision Rescue. We both teared up as we hugged & squealed in Heathrow. From there we had quite a sketchy cab ride to our hotel near Wembley Arena. Although we were tired, we definitely wanted to get out and discover some of the city! We hit up Harrod’s, Yo! Sushi, & Natalie did her thang getting us around the Tube system. All in all, we were able to see tons of hot tourist spots before we wrapped up the trip. Many memories made 😉

But, Colour…oh Colour!! First off, we had amazing seats! Just a few rows from the front for most of the conference. The opener was stunning! The Hillsong women definitely know how to make a girl feel so valuable- at the end of the conference every girl was given a rose as she left the building. Perfect! There are so many details to name, but hopefully the few pics that I post can show off some of the fun parts of the trip. I can’t even name a favorite speaker because they all spoke straight to my heart. Sitting in each session (the Sisterhood sessions were my fav!) I felt like I had always been apart of this movement and company of women. Partly because I immerse myself in their podcasts, sermons, and blogs, but I also think it’s because Pastor Bobbie and the team widen the capacity every year to take in the new girls on the journey of Sisterhood. I walked away with a full heart and a fire of motivation for justice and serving God’s cause.

Here is the main message God spoke to my heart while there (actually came from Pastor Bobbie’s first message):

1. Take what you already know and SHOUT it louder. Even though I would prefer a road map from the Lord about my future, I must quit the “figuring it out” and live louder what I already do know!

2. Live from a place of rest–God is setting everything right, reconciling all things to Himself, has my best interest at heart, and is working all things out for the good of those who love Him. What do I need to strive for? Striving=distraction 

3. Remember the power of “us”. We are all designed for relationship. If one person can make a huge difference in the world, imagine what a company of women can do!

The very last thing Pastor Bobbie said as the conference wrapped up was “just go home & flourish” For some reason, that just meant the world to me & I’ve really wanted to live life flourishing. I totally believe that the message from this conference is something that I’ve need to get in my spirit for awhile now & is ironically what God seems to continue speaking to me this year. Leaning in…