Be a Lioness…

As you might know, I’m very drawn to Africa and dream to go there almost every day. So, naturally when I saw the title for Lisa Bevere’s new book Lioness Arising, I was immediately attracted. Then I read the subtitle: Wake Up and Change  Your World. YES! It all resonates within me. But, then I had a little glass half-empty moment and thought, “I already know I want to change the world; I’ve read way too many books on how to do that, so how’s this going to add anything new?” Yep, I was in for a bombshell. I read all the time, but there are those special books that help define things in your life. Barely into the book at all, I read the dedication, and I knew it would be one of those life-altering messages! Just that simple excerpt spoke to everything inside of me! The message is all about women rising into the God-mandate over our lives. She constantly compares God’s daughters to lionesses who are at rest in their power, submitted to their King, strategic/skilled in conquering the enemy, flow in their prowess, and work together with other lionesses as a collective force of good. My little summary doesn’t even give the book justice though! Sorry for getting all psychological on you, but this message spoke to the “9 year old Haley” -the one who was truly wild, free, and adventurous before the sting of life appeared with it’s handbag of insecurities.

Back in April, a few of us girls went and saw Disney’s African Cats to commemorate our love for Lioness Arising. It was a pretty good movie, and, of course, I’m watching it through the lens of Lisa’s book message. The movie follows the story of a lion cub named Mara, her experienced mother Layla, Mara’s Lioness Aunts/cousins, Fang- the proud leader of the River Pride, Kali- leads a group of lions north of the River, and Sita- an adult cheetah with her baby cubs. I watched the inner struggle with Mara wanting to care and stay with her injured mother Layla, but yet wanting to be safe within the group of Lionesses. I saw as Fang shamed the entire pride by abandoning his family to Kali. And the fight that ensued between Sita and Kali’s sons over her cheetah cubs. Here was my take away from the movie: Don’t be a cheetah; be a Lioness! The Lionesses accomplished way more together than Sita could do on her own. It was interesting because even though Sita possessed strength and beauty individually, she ended up losing some of her cubs as a direct result of being a solo fighter. As women, when we drop our insecurities/fears/differences and come together as a Kingdom-minded collective force we can better nurture the next generation and take more ground over the enemy than we ever could do alone. Yes- easier said than done, I know. But, let’s engage with the Holy Spirit’s help and let’s, “see how inventive we can be in encouraging love, and helping out…” Hebrews 10:24

Meeting Lisa Bevere at Colour Conference- amazing moment! (definitely want to do a post on the conference soon!)

…and she signed the dedication of my book!

photo by photographer Nick Brandt that Lisa displayed at Colour conference to show the strength between men and women when they are fulfilling God’s destiny of working together