World Malaria Day

We have it so good here, don’t we? Thank God our country doesn’t have to fight preventable diseases like malaria. Yet, there are so many brothers and sisters in other countries that do suffer from fighting this awful disease. Unicef’s website reports that an estimated 800,000 people die every year from malaria. 90% of these deaths occur in a country that is so close to my heart–Africa.

We are so so blessed here, but when we become educated about an evil to the human race, we can’t stand back and act as though it won’t affect us. Brooke Fraser sings in her song Albertine, “now that I have seen, I am responsible”. I love that. Watching a video from the Clinton Global Initiative, I heard Mark Arnoldy say, “Responsibility is being able to respond”. I am so grateful that I can be on the giving side of the pandemic.

Because malaria is a mosquito borne illness, people in 3rd world countries need to sleep under treated netting to prevent the spread. BeadForLife has been tweeting all day about how their partners (women who make awesome beaded jewelry!) are able to trade beads and shea nuts for netting. By purchasing their beads, jewelry, or hosting a party, we can be the change to these women and their families. Jewelry saving lives? Yes, please!

image credit: Charles Steinberg