He Changes Everything

Hey Friends- HAPPY GOOD FRIDAY!!! and Happy Earth Day! God is on the move throughout our Earth, and I don’t believe it is coincidence that we are celebrating the conservation of our planet/environment as well as honoring the day that Jesus Christ was sown into the Earth after taking on the sins of humanity. Thankfully Jesus’ death doesn’t end there, but He was physically raised to life on what we call–EASTER! Here’s the cool connection: not only did Jesus die for our sins so that we could have a right relationship with God our Father in Heaven, but so they we could experience full life here on the Earth!

“I came so they can have real and eternal life, more and better life than they ever dreamed of.” John 10:10

I hope that you understand how very loved you are–there is God in Heaven who loves, dreams for you, believes in you, and has made the ultimate sacrifice to save you & redeem you. All He asks is that you follow Him: Jesus, the way-the truth, and the life.

The whole world is crying out until the day that Jesus comes for the 2nd time. That’s why we live in a world full of injustice. It doesn’t matter that I grew up in the wealthiest nation on our planet. It doesn’t make me any better than our brothers and sisters far off. How about on this Good Friday/Earth Day, let’s help make a difference in the lives of others by offering the gift of clean water.

Check out: charitywater.org or bloodwatermission.org to find out how providing water breaks the cycle of poverty.

Another fun, practical way you can help: buy me this iPhone 4 Africa gelskin from charitywater store! Check out their other products too!