It’s the everyday

One of the neatest women leaders I know (Joy Sommers) recently said, “Living a radical life is allowing your everyday moments to be supernaturally-charged.” I know this is something that God is teaching me at the moment (or for the past 6 months of moments!), so I thought about how this radical, everyday, Holy Spirit-led life would practically look in making a difference towards others.

The other day, I received an email and looked over several tweets regarding House Bill 200 needing to be passed -without amendments- in the GA Senate Health & Human Services Committee. In our state, this bill allows for harsher punishments for convicted criminals in child trafficking cases, a requirement for law enforcement to be trained on how to work with victims, and (among so many other points) allocates resources/help to child victims instead of immediate prison stay. The info from friends and StreetGrace posed that we email Committee members and ask that they please vote ‘yes’ to the bill without any amendments. StreetGrace even posted the respective email addresses as well as described what to write to the members. So so simple. It took me less than 5 minutes to go through the whole process. Less than 5 minutes that could end up helping change a young girl’s life forever! I truly believe that as we collectively make purposeful, meaningful yet small decisions like this, WE WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

With all this heart-breaking news coming out of Japan, I’ve really wrestled on where to send money or how to act. 15,000+ people missing? How do I make a dent in that?  As I was making a print order through my photography business, I noticed that I could attach a donation to my order that would be sent through Red Cross and into aid efforts in Japan. Now, this decision won’t be broadcasted on the World News, but it will help bring relief to a part of our world that needs it. God will lead us down different life paths, but this truth can be applied to us all: no matter the season we are walking through, a commitment to helping others can be made through everyday actions. If you’re waiting on the next step in life, something I’m reminding myself is that it’s often the small decisions-the seemingly everyday- that we reflect on and realize it’s how we got to where we never thought we’d be. We can’t let ourselves become paralyzed from doing something because the injustice seems insurmountable. Believe me, I’ve also been tempted to turn the channel on those “starving children in Africa” commercials too. The devastation in our Earth can feel so overwhelming when we try to tackle it on our own. Partnering with God, however, sends us into a revolutionary way of living!

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By the way, House Bill 200 did pass unanimously in the Committee without any amendments! Now it hits the GA Senate floor. Find & contact your Senator here:

“That’s why we can be so sure that every detail in our lives of love for God is worked into something good.” Romans 8:28 (message translation)