ONE trip…

…could change my life! Now that more things have come together I want to shout it from the rooftops, I’M GOING TO LONDON for COLOUR YOUR WORLD women’s conference!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whew!! Boy, does that feel good! It’s still very awkward for me to speak that. This is such a dream come true.

For a few years now I’ve been obsessed with Pastor Bobbie Houston‘s vision of seeing everyday women change their worlds. Back in December of last year, I was getting tired of always wanting to go and be apart of Hillsong’s Colour conference. So, I just did it–I registered for the London conference in hopes of getting the rest of the finance together to make the big leap across the Pond. I didn’t have any details together when I registered. I just knew that I didn’t want another year to pass by, and I miss the chance to be apart of it. I didn’t sense any hesitation from the Holy Spirit about it, and my hubby was good with it as long as we had the moolah to do it.

And, here I am now with only around 7 weeks to go until the big trip! One of the best parts of this trip is that I’m meeting one of my dearest friends in the world at the conference. Natalie is embarking on a 6 week trip to serve with Vision Rescue in Mumbai, India. On her way home, we’ll meet up and together experience the city of London and most importantly Jesus!!

Please pray for me as I go. I know it might sound a little silly to be so excited over a conference, but I am whole-heartedly believing for more God-given direction in my life and for my world to continue expanding during this trip. I am about to explode!