International Women’s Day!

How cool that we are celebrating WOMEN on this day! As my heart pumps for fighting injustice, it is well known that women have been the subject of oppression for many years. In no way am I a man-hater. I whole-heartedly believe that men and women are vitally important in each of our roles. God made us both to play our part in Kingdom work–and we’re truly better together!

I love seeing women and young girls rise up into the God-potential that has been placed within us all. It’s amazing the change of demeanor that I’ve seen on a young girl’s face when she realizes that she’s been chosen, valued, pursued, purely loved, and created for purpose even before her birth. She has been known. I have been known! You have, we HAVE! Fully known and fully accepted! There is nothing better than being a daughter of the King Jesus.

Here are some great organizations/sites who are working on behalf of God’s daughters (feel free to list other sites you love in the comment section):

Sampling of women I am inspired by & most I get to “do life” with! {Click to see larger}