Pattern Interrupt

A few months back we were chatting it up before the start of our bible study lesson when Abi said she had been experiencing a “pattern interrupt” that day. She was unusually tired that Wednesday night because she had been studying well into the early morning hours. Her normal routine the day before was to catch up on homework/studying at Starbucks before going home. Yet she ended up catching up with a new friend for hours over coffee instead, pushing off the studying until later that night. Obviously, Abi wasn’t too happy about this unwanted lack of sleep, but very much enjoyed being invited into this new friends life.

Not long after that conversation, I experienced my own version of a “pattern interrupt”. I went with a group of ladies from my church to a movie screening of Stop the Candy Shop in Atlanta, GA. Hosted by StreetGrace, the night was all about raising awareness for the issue of human sex trafficking and the commercial sexual exploitation of children. {On a sidenote: this organization is doing amazing things to fight this injustice against the vulnerable in our society. Check out that website to find out more!} My group and I had just enjoyed a yummy dinner at Pappasito’s before the movie, and we all probably felt like slipping into a queso/tamale/shrimp diablo induced coma if we hadn’t been so excited about the film! But as we were loading into our van we noticed a girl–alone–cold—and looking a little scared and confused—on the back end of the parking lot. My friend Natalie and I got out to possibly find out if she needed help while the other women prayed on for the meeting.

I have no idea what came out of that brief meeting with “A”. Her situation looked tough, but we offered her prayer, a jacket, and made sure she knew that God counted her as invaluable to Himself. I couldn’t shake that encounter for a few days just wondering what came about for her. It so reminded me to constantly be alert and aware in my day to day life. No, I didn’t like the circumstance that this girl was in, but I am thankful that our group had an opportunity to receive a heaven-sent interruption from our scheduled activities. I hope that “A” remembers this moment when she feels like there is no where else to go.

In our everyday routines I pray that we would sense and respond to the nudge of God-interruption when coming to the crossroads of opportunity in another’s journey.

“Give your entire attention to what God is doing right now…” Matthew 6:34a message version

Love doing life with these beautiful people!!